MHPE Session 2020-2022 (Batch-VIII)

MHPE-801: Teaching & Learning
Dr. Saima ChaudhryDanish Mohsin

MHPE-801: Teaching & Learning

Aims of the Module:


This module is designed to take participants from a basic understanding of learning theory relevant to the students they teach and the learning outcomes they wish to achieve, through to a familiarity with learning and teaching methods which are central to medical education. The module aims to develop both theoretical understanding and practical skills in teaching and creating learning environments.


Learning Outcomes:


On completion of this module the student should be able to:


§    Demonstrate an understanding of the theories of learning appropriate to adult learning and skill development with particular reference to medical education.


§    Design and deliver teaching/learning sessions. Selecting from a range of teaching methods as appropriate to specific learning outcomes e.g. knowledge, conceptual understanding, clinical and diagnostic skills, professional values and behavior.


§    Identify, develop and use effectively appropriate learning resources to support student learning including a range of technology-based resources.


§    Demonstrate an understanding of the role of feedback in student learning and identify appropriate feedback strategies.


§    Identify a range of current issues in medical education in a local, national and international context

§    Access and critically review literature relevant to such issues


§    Identify the relevance of such issues to his/her own professional context


§    Propose feasible strategies relevant to own professional context aimed at the resolution or amelioration of such issues


§    Present and debate analysis and proposals clearly and confidently both orally and in writing.