Learning outcomes

After completing this course the learner would be able to:

  • Explain the antigen-antibody reactions in immunohematology;
  • Outline and explain the most common techniques and methods applicable in immunohematology;
  • Outline the characteristics of the most important blood group systems with emphasis on ABO and Rh and correctly perform blood grouping;
  • Explain the concepts of and perform compatibility testing;
  • Explain quality management aspects in immunohematology including quality control of reagents, documentation, and equipment /material management.

BS Transfusion Medicine Immunohematology
Haematology Department

BS Transfusion Medicine Immunohematology

In this course we will be focused on 

  • Introduction to Laboratory techniques for immunohematology
  • Background and clinical significance of ABO and Rh blood group system
  • Introduction to other blood group systems
  • Antibody screening and identification
  • Pre-transfusion compatibility testing